The Collected Works of Allan Ramsay

The Collected Works of Allan Ramsay is an AHRC-funded project based at the University of Glasgow. PI on the project is Professor Murray Pittock. The project will produce several new editions of Ramsay’s work including The Gentle Shepherd edited by David McGuiness and Steve Newman; Poems edited by Rhona Brown; The Tea-Table Miscellany edited by Murray Pittock, David McGuiness and Brianna Robertson-Kirkland; Prose edited by Rhona Brown and Craig Lamont; and The Evergreen. For more information about the project please visit:

Scotland’s Singing for Health Network (2021-2023)

This project will bring together Singing for Health practitioners, researchers, and health professionals from across Scotland to form a network that supports practitioners and facilitates collaboration and knowledge exchange. Singing for Health groups supports the management of a range of conditions such as respiratory conditions, dementia, Parkinson’s Disease, and mental health concerns. As of yet, there is no Scotland-wide network that unites practitioners, researchers and health professionals working in these health-related fields. Many practitioners and researchers work in isolation, but this network aims to bring these disparate groups together to build a shared community of practice, and for researchers to share their knowledge in an accessible format. In keeping with the Chief Medical Officer for Scotland’s aim that by 2025 all health practitioners will be practising person-centred ‘realistic medicine’, Scotland’s Singing for Health Network will explore scaled models of singing on prescription in practice. For more information and our contact email, please visit